I usually never post mirror pics because I kinda hate them lol, but I thought this simple outfit was kinda cute and I didn't have anyone to take my picture.  :o)  Just perfect for a casual Saturday!
I scored this floral frock from Onestopplus.com for about $13 and the denim braided vest was thrifted for about $5 at Madame Couture.  I snagged these flats on sale for $10 at a small boutique on River Street in Savannah, GA.  I can't remember the name.
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I chose a New York Times news article titled “Is Exercise Bad for Your Teeth” by  Gretchen Reynolds to determine if the article was credible based on the guidelines provided by the Criteria to Evaluate the Credibility of WWW Resources.  The New York Times online is an online news site. When I first began research into its creditability, I began with the author, Gretchen Reynolds. I wanted to see if Gretchen was an authoritative figure in the topic of health and fitness and what her credentials were, as is laid out in the resources webpage for evaluating websites. I found that Gretchen had been writing about health and fitness for more than a decade and had even had experience in eco-politics and fitness for Outside magazine and was once a health and fitness reporter.  She is even in the process of writing a book about fitness and health.  She is primarily associated with the New York Times, however, her articles can be found in many reputable magazines as she is a frequent contributor.
Gretchen uses information from peer-reviewed articles, however, she has not been peer reviewed. She is very neutral on the subject that she is discussing. Gretchen has the opportunity to misuse the language of the scholarly professionals, but she is very clear in providing her information. She says repeatedly that more research is needed, and that physical activity only may slightly increase the risk of bad oral health. She is very clear in saying that there is no correlation between sports drinks, physical activity, and cavities.
Gretchen pulls her information from two scholarly peered articles. She pulled one article from the British Journal of Sports Medicine and the other from the Scandinavian Journal of Medicine and Science in Sports. Each of the articles are current, one was published in 2013 and the other in 2014. Though there is not a works cited listed at the bottom of the page, the author does provide links that link her information to the scholarly article.
Unrestricted web publishing through mass media can be potentially hazardous to those who rely heavily on media to provide consumers with honest and valid information. Organizations like Time, New York Times, and other news sources rely on their authors to bring forth valid and current information. If authors are allowed to write about things that are inherently false simply to gain an audience, then the organization loses its credibility and the consumer is left with false information. If Gretchen would have used false information or manipulated the data provided  by the scholars, she could have left the reader thinking that exercise was harmful to oral health, which could interfere with their beliefs in working out. It is important for authors to be as credible as possible in how they provide readers with information; readers go to the internet for accurate information. If credible organizations manipulate scholarly articles to their own benefit or the benefit of the author, it becomes difficult to trust information from that organization.
Reynolds, G. (2014). Is exercise bad for your teeth? New York Times. 
Yes folks, Bacon fest!  Crowds of bacon lovers swarmed River Street, Savannah for the First Friday and Saturday celebration of Bacon Fest!  Check it out!

       Took these shades home for five bucks! 

Quick stop at Savannah River Sweets so that my darling could get a praline. #MamasGirl

Ahh, the plight of the photographer.  Never get in on the good pics! Lol

I see u Leopold's! 

Bacon everywhere!  #vendors

Mama and Renee' Lasalle from WJCL! Such a sweetie!


Bacon. Wrapped. Shrimp. #SayNoMo

We did drink responsibly, Jack. We did.

Wet Willie's!  #BobMarleys


Dark pic but still good...

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Finding products for your own unique hair type can really be a chore. Motions has always been a trusted product that will keep your hair looking strong and beautiful- just like YOU! No matter what type of hair or texture you may have, they have a product for it.

The twist out is one of my favorite natural hair styles. Here, Motions Hair Care Celebrity Stylist, Ursula Stephen shows us how to make this style fun and flirty using Motions:

In this video, Ursula shows us how to achieve a high bun using Motions. This was is one of my favorite styles when I wear my natural hair straight.

Want to try Motions for yourself? Walgreens has got a great deal going on for the month of September.

Kits are now 25% off and select Motions products are on sale too for only $3.49! Make sure to pick some up!

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This is a sponsored post for Motions through The bLink Marketing Network and Lunchbox, all opinions are 100% my own.



While scrolling through my timeline on Facebook, I ran across this news story in my feed.  It’s about Daniele Watts who starred in Django Unchained and how she was handcuffed by the police for “indecent exposure” and how she refused to show her I.D. to officers to let them know who she was.  The post on Facebook came from CBS News.  So, here’s what I learned today:

I know that this incident did happen.  I believe that it is true because It came from CBS, whom I have trusted for years.  Also, there is video showing the actress pleading with the police.   However, there are a few things that I do not know.  This story was posted so quickly that only a few facts were told- very few and the police are making no comments at this time.  So, therefore we only have one side of the story.  I followed the link to the CBS site and read the story and looked at the video and I am still so clueless.  There are so many ways that this story could be worked.  I look at stories like this and try my best to think very critically.  Some are calling it a racially charged event.  Some are calling it a PR stunt.  Also, how does this kind of story affect me after the events in Ferguson, Missouri?  What are all the possible sides to this issue?  These are questions that I must ask myself in order to remain as objective as possible when reading stories like this.


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Dream Pop Duo from Washington, D.C., GEMS





New Wave - Psychedelic Pop artist, Dent May from Oxford Mississippi



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I’m still excited from #SAVFashionNightOut2014 and I’ve been blogging about it all week.  Check out the photos from the After Party held at Ampersand!


I didn't get to stay long but we had a blast for the short time that we were there.  The atmosphere was really great and so was the music.  The bartenders were HOT, the staff was super friendly and the drinks were FlOWING!  Definitely will be paying another visit when I’m back in town!  Hopefully then I’ll get a chance to check out the menu! 

















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Here are some of my favorite snaps of the night from #SAVFashionNightOut2014 on Broughton Street.



Free manicures from the Marc Jacobs Intl Store.




Zia Sachedina of Zia Boutique



Me ad Bob from 106.9 New Country…



Live model art sponsored by Art Rise Savannah



Free gourmet pops all night long to beat the heat from the Kings of Pops…



Mom and me with South Magazine…



Free wrist wraps from Chacos Footwear…




The models from Halo Model & Talent Agency getting ready for the show…



…as the crowd awaits… 



Hosted by WJCL’s own, the beautiful Renee’ LaSalle…



And of course, the fashion…

IMG_4341 IMG_4344  IMG_4354


the models strut to live bands…



Stay tuned for the After Party at Ampersand!


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