14 September 2014

I Know What I Know…Right?



While scrolling through my timeline on Facebook, I ran across this news story in my feed.  It’s about Daniele Watts who starred in Django Unchained and how she was handcuffed by the police for “indecent exposure” and how she refused to show her I.D. to officers to let them know who she was.  The post on Facebook came from CBS News.  So, here’s what I learned today:

I know that this incident did happen.  I believe that it is true because It came from CBS, whom I have trusted for years.  Also, there is video showing the actress pleading with the police.   However, there are a few things that I do not know.  This story was posted so quickly that only a few facts were told- very few and the police are making no comments at this time.  So, therefore we only have one side of the story.  I followed the link to the CBS site and read the story and looked at the video and I am still so clueless.  There are so many ways that this story could be worked.  I look at stories like this and try my best to think very critically.  Some are calling it a racially charged event.  Some are calling it a PR stunt.  Also, how does this kind of story affect me after the events in Ferguson, Missouri?  What are all the possible sides to this issue?  These are questions that I must ask myself in order to remain as objective as possible when reading stories like this.


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