02 November 2014

Multimedia Enhancements


Image Credit:  https://mcstech.wikispaces.com/Multimedia

Multimedia tools have a powerful role in enhancing messages when it comes to the sharing of information in social media and journalism.  I think that they are definately more effective that simple words or photos.  I have just recently begun to use multimedia tools more frequently in my blog posting and at work with my facility TV system that I produce.  Here are a couple of the multimedia tools that I use a lot and some other bloggers that I follow use as well:



Windows Live Writer

download (1)

Image Credit:  http://logos.wikia.com/wiki/Movie_Maker

I use this multimedia tool a lot when I take pictures for work or for events on my blog.  I usually take up to 100-150 photos for each event I attend.  I can’t expect my readers or employees to browse through each photo.  So, I use Windows Movie Maker to create a video slide show.  It also allows me to add in videos to my creation can switch from photos to live action all in the same video.  Here is an example of a video that I did for our Company/Family Picnic:cca 1

I used Windows Movie Maker to create the video, upload it to Vimeo and email it to all of my employees, which they loved!



Magisto Magic Movie Maker


Image Credit:  http://www.thefullsignal.com/apps/14344/magisto-video-editor-announces-new-draw-video-feature

Magisto is my newest and my ultimate favorite multimedia tool.  I found this application in my cell phone play store and I have been using it every since.  This app allows you to chose a select amount of pictures, videos and a central theme like Romance, Summer, Vintage, etc and automatically compiles the photos and footage into a short video that enhances the art of digital storytelling.  Magisto takes out all of the endless hours of video/text/template/graphic editing and creates the video on its own while you wait.  Here are some of my favorite Magisto Creations that are on my Youtube Channel:

magisto 1




Gif Creation


Image Credit:  http://www.herkules.com/en/content/gif

Creating GIFs is something that I cannot say that I have done but I do recognize their power on social media.  GIFs are moving graphics that combine multiple images that recreate a scene.  One of my favorite bloggers, Awesomely Luvvie uses these frequently on my blog when she does her recaps of popular nighttime drama, Scandal on ABC. 


Image Credit:  http://www.awesomelyluvvie.com


She is wonderfully hilarious but when she inputs these “GIFs” into her retelling of the previous night’s episode, it takes the blog post to another level.  It becomes more than just words to read and gives a moving, visual image of the scene she is explaining. 

Liv 1Jake 1


Some of the GIFs she uses in other posts are pretty hilarious, like this one:

 guy touches his boxer and gets a weird face

(Do not touch me puny human…)


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