28 February 2015

Benihanas, Atlanta GA

Are usually love this place. Every time I go to Atlanta I want to go to benihanas and have some of that delicious hibachi food. This time we had a horrible experience and will most likely not be returning. We went on a sunday and we understand that after church they will most likely be a wait.

We found a seat at the bar, ordered a drink which happen to be the only good part about our visit and waited there for about an hour and half.


Finally we went to go and check on our table and the hostess forgot to put us in so we were basically waiting for nothing. They tried to fix the situation by going ahead and seating us promptly.  We tried to explain to the waitress that we were there well before 3 o'clock which qualified us for a lot special but she acted like she did not want to believe us and ran a nother waitress all around trying to check to make sure we were there before 3 like we said.
We had already waited so long that we decided to go ahead and stay and order. The service was horrible and the waitresses were not friendly. They kept forgetting our requests and the ginger ale machine ran out. It was just a mess!   Not going back!
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