24 February 2015

Cheddar's Casual Cafe, Pooler GA

The only thing that is really good about this restaurant is the amount of food for the price. The quality of the food is not all that great but you do get a lot of food for your buck so that's always decent. I usually end up getting something that includes their chicken tenders. On my last visit I got the chicken alfredo and instead of the grilled chicken I got the fried chicken tenders. It was edible but it wasn't something that I truly enjoyed.
My mom however, loves the place and always wants to go when we head in that direction. She enjoys the Sweet Heat Chicken and the salad that comes with it. She always has enough to take home for a second meal so she loves that. The drinks here are excellent though!  They have their unique drinks and they are not too strong and not too weak. I've enjoyed some drink that they have that's like a wedding drink full of whipped cream and some other stuff I can't remember but it was very tasty. So if you're not looking to spend a lot of money and you're in the market for fairly decent food then visit Cheddar's and be sure to have a drink or two.
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