17 February 2015

House of Mata Hari, Savannah GA

This club is one of savannahs hidden jewels. I've never heard of this establishment and neither did a lot of people in Savannah. I had to ask for directions several times. The club is on River Street and even people who worked on River Street had no idea what I was talking about! Lol I got a little frustrated but I'm glad that I stuck with it and found the spot because I was really impressed with what I saw when I entered.
Apparently there is a concept of having a key which will gain you access to the club, kind of putting you in the mind of the Prohibition period. I wasn't aware of the key thing so I can't speak about that. However, this club has a roaring twenties/thirties and perhaps even forties theme.  I have walked into places that have tried to make this happen and I think to myself, oh okay I see what they're doing here. But when I walked into the house of Mata Hari it was a MAJOR blast into the past as soon as I hit the door! It made my eyes widen and I really enjoyed that! Lol Perhaps that was because I didn't know anything about the club before entering so the change in scenery was delightfully jarring.
It's very dark inside like you would expect . There weren't really any tables just a lot of easy chairs, sofas and coffee tables. We were welcomed with a song sung live on stage. Now, I had come to this club because I saw an advertisement for a performance of He Loves Me, He Loves Me Hot, a burlesque performance on the DOSavannah app on my phone. I remember thinking, how is an entire burlesque performance going to fit on this tiny stage? But I ordered my drink and had a seat. Then the DJ started calling names for ticket holders. They opened a door behind the stage and had us enter to be seated. How sneaky! I loved it!
There, we were treated to the burlesque show as promised. Unfortunately, I could not snap any photos during the show but I really did enjoy it. The dancers performed about 7 or 8 songs and it was very steamy. The ladies and gentleman were HOTT! So glad that I decided to give this performance a chance as a last minute outing on a single girl's Valentine's Day. Not bad for $20!
During the performance we were really taken care of. the two hosts were quirky and funny and really kept things rolling. The waitresses were prompt with ordering drinks and bringing them to us. I had a rum and coke which might have been the best rum and coke I've ever had. Very tasty- not too strong and not too weak.
Even the bathroom was fun!
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