02 March 2015

Spondivits, Atlanta GA

First let me start off by saying that the food here is really really good. However I have no desire to come back to this restaurant. The space is pretty small so a long wait is expected. Myself and two friends went to this restaurant during a visit to Atlanta.

The waiting area was very cramped with only a few chairs in front. We refused to wait outside in 30 degree weather so we stayed inside and I stood for most of the wait which was about 45 minutes. 
When we finally sat down the waitress was really sweet but she hit us with so many rules that were so strange. The first rule was, no ordering drinks, tasting them and sending them back. Huh?! People do that?! Then, if you want any extra condiments or want to switch out any condiments,  there's a $0.75 charge for each. Huh?! Plus there were all these rules hanging up on the wall. If you have a party with multiple guests you will not be seated until they all arrive. Plus I overheard a party coming in and one person had not arrived yet and they were told that when the person arrived they could sit down but they could not order anything. Huh?! Anyway...
We ordered our food. I can't remember what my friends ordered but I ordered the coconut shrimp, broccoli and fries. The food was a bit pricey but it was really really good. I ordered an alcoholic drink to go with my meal and I was very disappointed. The waitress forgot to bring our drinks to the table but that was okay because she apologized and brought over an extra shot. So all was forgiven until I tasted the drink. I know that people usually complain about a drink being too weak but this drink was so strong that I could not even drink it. I like my liquor straight but when I want a fruity drink I want to enjoy a sweet, fruity drink. I can't remember what the drink was called but it was extremely strong so it did not pair well with my meal. It was like was washing food down with gasoline.
Lastly, when the check came I was surprised to see that a 20% gratuity charge was added to my bill. A mandatory gratuity charge on a party of 3?! Yes, there was an extra $7 tip added to my bill plus a space for me to leave an extra tip if I chose to... Seriously?

So, as I said before the food was really, really good but I will never, never return.
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