10 March 2015

The Boiling Shrimp, Statesboro GA

I absolutely love this place! The boiling shrimp is the best seafood restaurant in Statesboro. I go here a lot and I have never had a disappointing meal. The sea food always tastes fresh and the prices are not bad. I usually get the seafood platter which usually comes with fried shrimp, fried oysters and fried fish. I opt out of the oysters and they let me get either more shrimp or more fish. Love that! I definitely recommend this place.


The only thing that I would change would be to offer more options when it comes to the fried fish. At the moment they only offer catfish/swai.  But, I'm a fan of catfish so it's not a real biggie. Plus it's really great paired with those delicious crinkle fries.  And like a true Southern socialite, I love their sweet tea and lemonade mix or Arnold Palmer. Delicious! Definitely recommend The Boiling Shrimp!

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