28 June 2015

Del Sur Artisan Eats, St. Simons Island GA

On a recent visit to St. Simons Island I ducked into this adorable restaurant for a quick bite to eat. I usually go for seafood when I'm on any of the islands but the line was soooo long at Iguanas (the island favorite) that I decided to go another route.
I knew by the looks of it that this place would be a bit pricey but I was pleasantly surprised.  Just about everything was under twenty bucks. Perfect for grabbing a quick bite before get on the road to head back home!  I also had a feeling that the portions would be tiny. Boy, was I surprised when the chicken breast with chive oil that ordered took up the entire plate! It usually comes with mashed potatoes but I opted for a bowl of linguine with alfredo sauce.  Everything was great,  even my rum and coke!  The only thing that I didn't care for was the bread.  You expect great bread with pasta. Theirs wasn't bad, just not addictive like most bread baskets are.  Great food,  friendly and helpful staff. I'll definitely return.


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