30 July 2015

Whole Foods, Savannah GA

 I love, love, love this place. I've been going here since I ditched the Fresh Market. The change has broken my heart but I'm happy that there is another grocery store that I can go to. The produce was so fresh here and looks so great.  


I fell in love with the butcher section!  There were pre-made kabobs for beef and chicken and so many other delights. This place is quite a bit bigger than the Fresh Market so it has a large selection and I like that there are aisles that have essential oils and beauty products which is something that the Fresh Market does not have. I think I enjoyed the bakery way too much! I left out with quite a few treats that I didn't need so hopefully on my next visit I'll come down but I don't think so. Lol 

I really enjoyed the ice cream section and the friendly staff allowed my cousin and I to try several flavors of ice cream. They also have a salad bar and a trail mix bar but I didn't get to try them because we were already going out to eat. I'll definitely be returning here and doing the bulk of my grocery shopping here. I hope that I don't fall deeper in love with it and then it disappoints me as the fresh market did.

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