10 August 2015

Beauty Lessons That I Learned From My Mother

My mother is one of my biggest fans.  I can always count on her to be at all of my events and to encourage all of my projects.  She is a huge advocate for putting your best face forward and some of my most valuable beauty tips come from her.  Here a few:


1.  Always work on your skin! 
Her favorite concoction was an egg & lemon wash that she would mix up and slather on then wipe off.  She swears by it.  I don't use this mix bit I do pay close attention to the products that I use on my face and make sure to drink plenty of water for clearer skin.
2.  A big mouth is your body's statement piece. 
Growing up, my mother always hated the size of her mouth.  She always thought that her lips were too big and wanted thin lips.  Over the years she has come to embrace her lips and love them.  Watching her spread beautiful lipstick across them has taught me to love mine and not hide them.

3.  Invest in Wardrobe Pieces.
My mom never one to buy cheap, trendy pieces.  She recognizes the value of investing in wardrobe pieces that will last over time.  She has pieces in her closet that I can remember from when I was a little girl.
4.  The higher the heels, the better. 
Mom wears flats but her heels are her power shoes.  At 70 years old, she still wears 4 inch heels to church and other places she dresses up for.  I remember when she fractured her ankle a few years ago, she was devastated about not wearing heels for a few weeks.
5.  Cheap shoes are not worth it. 
Cheap shoes are a no-no for this lady.  She opts for brands that she can depends on so she has a lot of different shoes from Nine West, Stuart Weitzman, etc.  She chooses some trendy options but they are always of good quality.
6.  Big jewelry can be fun!
 As a fan of big statement pieces my mother's jewelry collection sits on her dresser like fine art.  She's big bangles, statement necklaces and she's constantly fussing at me to get out of her stash! 

Thanks for reading!  What are some beauty lessons that your mother has taught you?
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