09 September 2015

The 5 Spot, Habersham Village, Savannah GA

 The 5 Spot Habersham Village Savannah menu
On one of our many outings to Savannah, mom and I ducked off into the cutest restaurant.  The 5 Spot Neighborhood Kitchen & Bar is located in Habersham Village.  We almost missed this jewel because of my little brat's insistence on going on River Street to eat but I'm glad I put my foot down. :o)
On first sight, this restaurant has a very cool and trendy look to it.  The exposed brick and silver accents make for very interesting surroundings and we found ourselves looking at the artwork/decor more than the menu.  Ultimately we had to be reminded by our friendly waitress to look at the menu so we could order.  Haha!  Mom opted for the Basic Burger with sweet potato fries while I had the pulled pork, mac & cheese and broccoli.  You can see photos of our meal below.  Before leaving, I got a chance to chat with General Manager, Peter Oleniuch.  Check out what he had to say about The 5 Spot.

What sets The 5 Spot apart from competitors? 

      "A few things that set us apart for other restaurants would be atmosphere, food, and service. Our atmosphere is eclectic and truly original, we truly set a great ambiance. Our food is simple, high on flavor and wont break the bank.  Finally, our staff is like family, and we treat the guest like part of our family as well!!"


As the General Manager, what motivates you? How do you motivate your team?

     "My motivation comes from keeping our food, alcohol, and events fresh and executed at a high level.  In this competitive industry we must stay on the cutting edge!"


The 5 Spot Habersham Village Savannah GA Pulled Pork


Tell me specifically what are some of the major goals/results that you have accomplished in your time with The 5 Spot.

     "Our goals are simple:  build business by giving the guest the best food and best service in town, and i truly feel we do that!

What drives you to be in this business (food/beverage)?  And if you love it, why?
      "Two things drive me in this business: number-growing sales and pleasing the guest.  Nothing is better than making someone's night perfect with a great dining experience."


The 5 Spot Habersham Village Savannah GA Basic Burger


Tell us something unique about your establishment.

     "We are unique because we take traditional American food and put a twist to it, i.e. our pastrami Rueben with coleslaw. (my fav.)"

How do you gauge the success of The 5 Spot?

     "Success is gauged in a few ways [such as], numbers & guest feedback. I try to talk to as many guests as I can.  This gives me great insight on our path to success."


The 5 Spot Neighborhood and Family Restaurant Savannah GA

What kind of hospitality can guests expect at The 5 Spot and what does that mean to you?
      "When you dine at The 5 Spot I want you to be treated like family, I want you to know that we truly care about your experience."

The 5 Spot Neighborhood and Family Restaurant Savannah GA

If I were to ask your staff what you enjoyed most (guest interaction, food knowledge, cleanliness, or creating a fun work environment) and why they felt that way, what would they say?
     "My staff would tell you they love the family orientated atmosphere.  I have been in this business for 20 years and I can tell you for a fact, a happy staff equals a happy guest!"

The Low Country Socialite at The 5 Spot Habersham Village

Hopefully you'll get the opportunity to visit The 5 Spot located in Habersham Village in Savannah GA.  I know you won't regret it!  My mother claimed that those were the best sweet potato fries she had ever had.  I tasted them and I even liked them.  (I usually HATE sweet potato fries...)   I'm definitely looking forward to returning.

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 The 5 Spot Restaurant Savannah GA Habersham Village

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