This weekend I was invited to a Halloween Party on beautiful Wilmington Island, hosted by a friend of a friend, Michele.  Great food, drinks and a live band?  Of course, I'll be there!!  Hope you enjoy the pics!

 The Low Country Socialite Media Badge Geekend Technology Conference 2015
My favorite time of year is here!  It's Fall and festival season is among us.  Even though technically Geek-end isn't a festival, it's one of my favorite annual events.  Geek-end is a 3 day technology conference that features speakers from all over that specialize in technology, web development, digital media, etc.  I learn so much every year and always have a blast with my fellow #geeks.  Check out my photos below!

Have you been to Olympus cafe, the Greek restaurant on River Street in Savannah, GA? Before the year ended I have the opportunity to visit this restaurant and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.


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