17 March 2016

UPCOMING EVENT: Firefighters Ball, Savannah GA

St Patrick's Day in Savannah, Georgia is a huge event!  Every year, one of the kickoffs to the celebration is the Firefighters Ball!  I'm so lucky and honored to be able to attend this year as media and I'm looking forward to taking lots of pictures and sharing my experience with you guys!  Check out this blurb from event coordinator, Jennifer Hinton of Love Actually Weddings & Events, explaining the magnitude of the event:
"We are also so very excited about the Unions New Charity.  PAWS for a CAUSE.  It allows off-duty union firefighter’s to visit the children that are patients at St. Joseph’s Candler.  
 The firefighter’s will spend some time with the children. Read them a book and then give them a little plush dalmatian puppy to hopefully brighten their stay.  
Another portion of the proceeds will be donated to the fallen firefighter’s fund, which allows assistance to families who have either lost their significant other in the line of duty or had their loved one seriously injured.    
It’s amazing that the firefighter’s not only protect historic Savannah, but they also are so greatly involved in our community.   I honestly feel truly blessed to have had a part in planning this event.   It means the world to me to give the men and woman that serve our city a night that they can enjoy themselves and each other.    We also have people from Dublin Ireland attending, Boston, Glendale, etc.   So it allows our people to meet other amazing firefighters as well."
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