01 November 2016

Who Won #Halloween2016?

Ok, can we just talk about how much I love Halloween?!?  It's my favorite holiday and I'm sad to see it go!  I saw some unique, creative and just downright awesome costumes stroll across my social media feeds.  Here are some of my favorites!  Take a look and help me figure out Who Won Halloween2016!?!?!

Was it this Lil Kim when she was in her prime?

 How about this Penny Proud from Disney's The Proud Family?

Mini RiRi might even be cuter than original RiRi!

 This one looks more like Poussey from Orange is the New Black than Poussey does!

 Love a good throwback!  Goldie Hawn's character in Death Becomes Her!

 How about the Lady Hulk with #BlackGirlMagic sprinkled all over?

 This blogger giving us Missy Elliot fever!

 Vine sensation, LianeV gives us great 'tude with her mummy creation!

 EBT Card!  Too creative & hilarious!

 The Royal Flower Girls/attendants from Coming To America!

 Well, swing me from the chandelier!  It's Sia!

 The Royal Family from Coming To America!

 This adorable Cabbage Patch Doll!

 Who knew Edward Scissorhands could be such a cutie?!

 A gorgeous Queen of the Damned!

 Why do I automatically want to speak in an accent whenever I see Mrs. Doubtfire?!

 I'm not entirely mad at this Tupac...

 Mark Zuckerberg and family as a family of vikings and one supercute dragon!

 The gang from Friday!

 Eniko & friends as TLC!

 The cutest Glinda & Dorothy you'll ever see!

 The Knowles (Blue, Beyonce' & Tina) girls kick it old school with Salt n' Pepa!

 Chris Brown's daughter as Selenassssss!

 This Lionel Richie Album cover that made me HOWL when I saw it!

Which one was your favorite?!

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