02 October 2017

Fitness, Not Just for Skinny B*tches!

Photo Courtesy of www.louisegreen.ca

I am a big girl- plus sized, fat, whale-like?  Believe it or nowt, I am also interested in making my body the best it can be and living the best life that I can.  I was recently surfing YouTube for exercise videos that I might actually be able to do.  Cue my discovery of the book, Big Fit Girl by Louise Green. She is an amazing role model who tells it like it is!

I immediately contacted Ms. Green to find out about reviewing her awesome book and got it a few days later. I am pleased to say that this plus  size girl was pleasantly surprised. This book is a great example of what the world needs today. As a plus size woman I find it hard to get the motivation to get out there and get fit.  
Louise brings to the forefront a lot of the issues facing the plus size woman today- and smashes them! There is everything from her own personal story to other peoples experiences and a step by step guide to getting started. 

Photo Courtesy of www.louisegreen.ca

This book highlights the fact that the plus size athlete is never shown in the media and that we need more and more women out there doing their thing- getting fit and being in the public’s eye! 
I feel so empowered after reading this book- and hopeful!  It isn’t all about weight loss and looking better for other people. It isn’t about being “socially acceptable”.  It is about taking control of your own body and making yourself the strongest you can be.  It doesn’t matter if you only walk half a mile- that’s half a mile more than yesterday and you don’t have to be a size 2 to smash those fitness goals! 

I will never be tiny- but I am going to use this awesome body to be the healthiest I can be at any size!  I highly recommend this awesome book for any plus size woman who needs a boost and a start on the path to wellness. 

I am going to be a big fit girl- who’s with me? 

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