15 November 2017 Savannah, GA, USA

The PMS Package Review

#THEPMSPACKAGE, The PMS Package review

If you’ve kept up with my social media, you probably noticed that I did a Facebook live on #ThePMSPackage.   The amazing folks at The PMS package sent me out my very own box to review!   I had so much fun showing you guys what was inside and I wanted to talk a little bit on the blog and share my thoughts regarding the products inside and the box overall. Here's a little bit about company.

“Since our start in 2015, we've been focused on curating a monthly care package that helps women feel better about themselves and better overall when that dreaded time of the month arrives. The PMS Package is more than a little pink box; it is a care package that provides comfort, care and a little cheer…we have helped thousands of women feel better and lifted their spirits while dealing with PMS symptoms…PMS symptoms are real and while every woman has different symptoms, we know that women feel pain, discomfort, fatigue, and sometimes bad moods associated with the PMS cycle. Our goal is to create a package that addresses her every need - we also add some surprise and delight items to cheer her up just because she deserves it….Thousands of women have enjoyed the benefits of The PMS Package…Mothers, boyfriends, sisters, and friends have found The PMS package a great way to say "I care".

#THEPMSPACKAGE, The PMS Package review

Overall I really loved this little box!  I'm addicted to subscription boxes.  I think I have subscribed to at least a dozen of them and it looks like I found a new one!  The packaging is so cute and pretty.  I love the pink box and the beautiful pink tissue paper that everything is wrapped up in.  This box was loaded down with lots of goodies for that certain time of the month.  It was definitely a holistic approach to care during the menstrual cycle.  It was filled with snack goodies, cute stationery items, aromatherapy things and so much more.  If you'd like to see the live video and you can click here or click the first photo above.  I definitely enjoyed going through this box and gobbling up all of these goodies- even though my mom completely robbed me of all the snacks in the Box. I had to sneak them back from her in order to enjoy them for myself.   Looks like she's a fan too!   LOL

#THEPMSPACKAGE, The PMS Package review

This month’s box included:  a small box of Kotex, 5 chocolatey snacks, packets of Midol, a 12 hour heating pad, feminine wipes, apple scented body butter, a scented candle, a diamond top pen, and a journal.

#THEPMSPACKAGE, The PMS Package review

Tons of stuff, right?!?  My only suggestion would be that it would be great to have some alternative snacks for those that aren’t so into chocolate.  I know that chocolate is the general go to comfort snack during PMS but not everyone is a fan.  Lucky for me, I LOVE chocolate.  My favorite chocolatey snack from the box was the Cheryl’s chocolate chunk cookies.  Imagine Chips Ahoy but like a thousand times better!  The journal was also one of my favorite things as well.

#THEPMSPACKAGE, The PMS Package review

The box is extremely affordable and the FREE shipping is definitely a plus!   Boxes start at just $29.99 a month.   You can save even more if you sign up for multiple months.  You can even set your own personal delivery date so that you package arrives right when you need it! If you're interested in a PMS package for yourself, the folks at PMS package have offered my readers a discount code for $5 off your first box!  Head to:  http://www.thepmspackage.com/influencer and
Type in code:   PMS5
After that your subscription renews every month and you'll get an amazingly packaged and beautiful care package that's filled with even more amazing treats!  I'm sure the months just get better and better! 

Have you tried the PMS package? If so what are your thoughts?
Are you addicted to subscription boxes like me? Let me know which ones you love!

Until Next Time...

#THEPMSPACKAGE, The PMS Package reviewhttp://bit.ly/TLCSPMSPackage  *This post is sponsored by The PMS Package.  No monetary compensation was received- only product for review.  All opinions are my own.
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