07 November 2017

The Worst advice I have ever gotten

The Low Country Socialite, Kirsten Jackson, eshakti

Almost 15 or so years ago, I shared with someone really close to me that I might be interested in becoming a plus-size model.  It was something that I heard from everyone, like everywhere that I went that.   People often said that I wear clothes really well and they questioned if I were ever interested in doing doing plus size modeling.  I knew nothing about the industry- where or how to get started but I figured that if more than one person was saying it then there had to be something to it.

The Low Country Socialite, Kirsten Jackson, eshakti

I wear around a size 26 now but then I was probably around a size 20.   The person that I shared this with, their reply was, “you're definitely pretty enough but you're way TOO PLUS.”  I know right?  That killed my spirit something major and instead of deciding for myself, I took this person's advice to heart and never pursued this path. That was the absolute worst advice I've ever taken from someone. My confidence was already very fragile back then and it was really easy to crush me.  Who knows what could have become of that. 

The Low Country Socialite, Kirsten Jackson, eshakti

Would I like to be a plus size model right now?  Knowing more about the industry through blogging and other things, probably not. I've somewhat found the place that I like being in within the plus size fashion industry. But now I'll never really know. I'll never know if I initially wanted to be a plus size model because people kept recommending it and I'll also never know if I didn't do it because someone discouraged me.

The moral of this story is that you have gather your own dreams, decide things for yourself and sometimes you even have to keep it to yourself. There's nothing wrong with making your moves in silence. Your wildest and even dizziest fantasies can come true with persistence. I'm the type of person that has usually needed some type of validation before I pursue anything.  It's something that I'm working on but sometimes I fall right back into those old insecurities. What can I say, I'm a work in progress… LOL I'm learning to go confidently in the direction of my dreams without permission from anyone else. 

Photography:  Ng Photography
Dress:  eShakti Graphic Floral Print Crepe Bow-Tie Dress
Shoes:  Rainbow Shops
Earrings:  Vintage
Lippie:  Coloured Raine

What about you? Have you ever been discouraged from pursuing a dream or idea?
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   The Low Country Socialite, Kirsten Jackson, eshakti


  1. Never surprised at the negative energy people will put in the atmosphere. You are a beautiful flower and you can grow as far as you want.



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