25 December 2017

Sequins on NYE just feels so right

Can you believe that this year is almost over?!?  I’m sooooo ready for 2018!  I can’t wait to see what the new near will bring!  Unfortunately, I haven't nailed down my plans for New Year’s Eve though.  I’m such a procrastinator.  This happens every year!  One of these years I’ll get it together.  lol  I’m still going to put together my outfit just in case I find somewhere to go.   I already knew what I would be wearing for Christmas but I’m not sure about NYE yet.  Whatever it is, I know it will have sequins.   It’s my favorite night of the year to wear sequins.  It just seems so right! (even thought I actually wear sequins anytime I freakin’ feel like it..LOL)  No matter where I'm going- if it's a party or going to church or just staying home, I love to wear sequins on New Year's Eve! Here are some of my favorite plus size sequin looks and hopefully we’ll have plenty of time to get our orders in for the big night!

What are you wearing on NYE? I hope you’ll tag me in all of your amazing New Year’s Eve looks!

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