Happy New Year!  I'm so excited to begin this year with you!  I've got so much planned and I'm just waiting on the opportunity to share it all!  I really want this new year to be one of renewal and growth so I thought it would be so appropriate to start 2019 with a mood board that showcases a color/theme that represents that.  Green just exudes the feeling of rebirth, freshness, health and growth.  I plan to integrate new ideas/concepts into my blog and into my life as well and that will include new eating habits, new adventures with friends, new ways to wear the same old things and simply just new vibes!  

January 2019 Mood Board, Olive Green Renewal, The Low Country Socialite

January 2019 Mood Board, Olive Green Renewal, The Low Country Socialite
Mood Board Sources:  https://www.pinterest.com/TLCSocialite/mood-board-olive/

Green Psychology:  Life, Renewal, Nature, Energy, Growth, Harmony, Freshness, Safety, Fertility, Environment

This post is sponsored by Paperless Post.  Paperless Post is a company that has re-imagined invitations, flyers, and other creative designs by using technology and not valuable resources like trees.  They have tons of designs that are used by millions to celebrate all of life's most special occasions.  Everything is designed in-house and sent through email with dazzling designs from leading fashion designers like Kate Spade New York and Oscar de le Renta.  They're a perfect and fashionable commitment to our environment!
*All opinions are my own.

What colors are you feeling for the start of 2019?  

Until Next Time...

January 2019 Mood Board, Olive Green Renewal, The Low Country Socialite

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I've learned quite a few things in my eight years of blogging and I'm going to start sharing what I've learned here.   I get asked so much about how to begin blogging and I want to start being a resource for new bloggers and business owners that want to add a blog component to their websites.    

Savannah Ga, Email marketing

As 2018 comes to a close, I'm encouraged to reflect on the past year and look for areas that need improvement in my blog.  One area that definitely needs more work is my email list.  I've been growing it for a few years now but have yet to send out an email to my audience.   There are a few reasons for this but truthfully I have no real excuse.  Your email list is one of the most important things to build in support of your blog/business- way more important than even your social media numbers.

Here's an infographic that I thought was pretty useful for getting started with email marketing.  This information comes from https://www.campaignmonitor.com.  It's an emailing marketing service that allows users to create and send email updates to their audiences with easy-to-use design, personalization, and automation tools.

They have a ton of free resources for starting, growing and maintaining a quality email list to support your blog or business.

Until Next Time... 

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Christmas mimosas are the perfect drink that is a festive, holiday take on the usual brunch mimosas!  Plus they fit into my theme this month of holiday red!  They're perfect for me because I really don't care for orange juice but I REALLY love cranberry juice.  It's also a cocktail that only calls for three ingredients so it's super easy to make and you don't even have to mix it because it's bubbly and the bubbles do most of the work for you! 

Holiday Red, December 2018, Savannah GA, Food and drink, Christmas mimosas, cocktails

 I'm having a few of these babies during the holiday and I can't wait to share with my friends and family.  They're great after a heavy holiday meal because they're light and not too sweet.  It's a fruity, tart & yummy treat that I just know they're going to love!  

Holiday Red, December 2018, Savannah GA, Food and drink, Christmas mimosas, cocktailsHoliday Red, December 2018, Savannah GA, Food and drink, Christmas mimosas, cocktails

Here's what you'll need:  

Cranberry Juice Cocktail  
Your fave champagne or prosecco  
Ginger ale

Holiday Red, December 2018, Savannah GA, Food and drink, Christmas mimosas, cocktails


Fill champagne flutes 1/3 full with champagne.  Add a splash of cocktail juice until flute is 2/3 full.  Fill remaining third with champagne/prosecco  That's all!  Easy right?  Now because my tastes are a little bit different, I substituted some ingredients.  I chose to use cran-raspberry juice and diet ginger ale.  

*For a mocktail option, you can take out the champagne/prosecco altogether! 

Holiday Red, December 2018, Savannah GA, Food and drink, Christmas mimosas, cocktails

Let me know if you make these or what other holiday cocktails are you making?  Let me know in the comments!

Hope you enjoy!  Happy Holidays!

Until Next Time...

Holiday Red, December 2018, Savannah GA, Food and drink, Christmas mimosas, cocktails

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Holiday red is the theme for this month and I'm sharing my holiday joy with this red lace, bell-sleeve dress from Lane Bryant!  I picked it up on clearance for about $20 bucks and it's been hanging in my closet for a while now.  When I thought about this month's theme, I knew I had the perfect look.  It's a simple frock but the lace makes it quite festive and the color makes it just right for the season while still being able to wear it beyond the holidays!

Are you ready for Christmas?!

Until Next Time...

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The holidays are always pretty tough on our small family.  Over time we've experienced a lot of death and loss during the last quarter of the year so the season is always met with bittersweet feelings.  This is one of the reasons why I HATE the color red for Christmas.  To me, it's the very definition of Christmas on STEROIDS!  It's a lot and I usually avoid it especially when I decorate or wrap gifts.  I usually opt for jewel greens and icy blues but this year I want to get into the practice of calling good vibes to me- starting with this holiday season.  So, I created a holiday-red mood board for December to round out the year with shimmery, yuletide cheer and to inspire an amazing holiday season!

December 2018 Mood Board:  Holiday Red

December 2018 Mood Board:  Holiday Red, The Low Country Socialite, Savannah Blogger

December 2018 Mood Board:  Holiday Red, The Low Country Socialite, Savannah Blogger

Red Psychology:  Passion, Confidence, strength, energy, stimulation, excitement, powerful, action, motivation, strong-will

What colors are you feeling this holiday season?

Until Next Time...

December 2018 Mood Board:  Holiday Red, The Low Country Socialite, Savannah Blogger

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If you have a hoarder mentality, it's probably more harmful to you than you realize. It could even be having a negative impact on your finances. Here's why:

Hoarding Makes Other Aspects of Your Life Disorganized

If you hoard to the point where it is difficult to find things that you need, you will find that many areas of your life are seriously disrupted. For instance, it can impact your work life if you find yourself unable to find items that are necessary for work, and severe hoarding can even make it impossible to function. Even if your home is only mildly cluttered, you might be more disorganized than if you lived in an environment that tends to be clean. That's because psychologists believe that a clean space lends itself to a more organized state of mind, and this can improve productivity. Related: https://www.webmd.com/mental-health/features/harmless-pack-rat-or-compulsive-hoarder#1

Other People Will See Your Home Differently

The reason for this is that you have become accustomed to seeing the clutter, but other people haven't. In some cases, people with a hoarding mentality have been shocked to find that other people thought their home was extremely messy, but they thought it seemed only "slightly cluttered" until they realized how other people saw their environment.

Your Stuff Probably Won't Appreciate

While some items will retain their value fairly well or even increase in value, it's unlikely that anything around the house will ever become a valuable antique. If you are unsure whether your items will gain value over time or not, you should consult an expert on antiques. However, there are ways that you can get an idea if one of your items has significant value:
  • Determine if the item is rare, and keep in mind that rare items are much more likely to gain substantial value over time.
  • If an item contains precious metals or any other material of significant value, it may be more likely to retain its value over time than other items.
  • Items that are handmade are more likely to retain their value over time.
  • If an item is in exceptionally good condition, it is likely to be valuable.

Related: https://www.allstorageonline.com/industry-blog/donate-your-clutter-to-these-non-profits/

Your Items Could Be More Than Useless

In some cases, the maintenance of these items could be costing you much more than they could ever be worth, and not selling them prevents you from profiting from any value that they do have. For example, if you have a junked car, you might find yourself regularly needing to set mouse traps to prevent (or combat) an infestation, and the cost of doing this could add up to more than the value of the junked vehicle over time. If you want to sell junked cars online or otherwise get rid of clutter, these are some ways that you can redeem any value that these items have:

  • eBay: You can use eBay to sell vehicles and various items that are worth a substantial amount of money.
  • LetGo: LetGo is a great app to get rid of small amounts of junk. The app will connect you to people in your area who you can sell the belongings to.
  • Amazon: If you have items other than vehicles, Amazon can be a great place to sell them.
  • Bonanza: Bonanza is similar to eBay in many ways, but there are some key differences. Unlike eBay, it's very easy to use the site without a PayPal account.
  • Mercari: Mercari is similar to other e-commerce sites, and it also is available as an app. It's possible to list an item in a mere few minutes with this app, and you do not need to meet anyone in person.
  • Craigslist: Not only can you get rid of your stuff quickly on Craigslist, but you'll be meeting with people who are located in your area to sell them.

Related: https://www.topdeals4wheels.com/sell-my-car-online-the-ultimate-guide/ 

Your Stuff Could Be Taking Up a Lot of Space

In extreme cases, hoarding can make it difficult to get around your house. Even if your house doesn't look that bad right now, remember that it always starts somewhere. If you wait too long and end up needing to hire someone to help you get rid of the clutter, it will create a significant expense.

Wrapping Up

Not only can a hoarder mentality be disruptive to your life, but it could even be impacting your finances. Luckily, getting rid of stuff is quite easy, and you do not have to have a garage sale to do it. This is one way you might learn to be more healthy and conscious in how you live. 
I was given a Big Fig bed set in exchange for my review of the product.  I may receive a portion of the sale through the affiliate program.  I was not paid for my review and all opinions are 100% my own.

How I Finally Got My Dream Bed With Big Fig Mattresses

I have never really been much into home d├ęcor.  As long as I've got a kitchen to make grilled cheese in, a big closet for all of my clothes and a sweet bed- I'm good.  For most of my adult years, I've had to accept having only two out of those three things.  Having a nice, sturdy and comfortable bed was something that I have never really enjoyed.  I'd dress up my beds with bright and beautiful spreads or fluffy duvets so it would be very visually appealing but the comfort was never really there, at least not for the long haul.  Most of time it would be comfortable for a little while and then in about a year or probably even less, that comfort was gone. 
I'm a heavy girl that has been that way all of her life.  That mixed with the fact that I sleep alone and I generally sleep in one spot have been the reasons why mattresses do not last for me.  They collect sweat, sag, lose their shape and eventually have to be tossed and replaced for a new one.  Usually the only solution to the problem is to flip the mattress but I can only use that solution once, of course.  No matter how many fragrant candles that I purchased or fresh flowers that I placed in my room- my sleeping situation was never 100% comfortable.

How I Finally Got My Dream Bed With Big Fig Mattresses

Enter Big Fig Mattresses:

When Big Fig contacted me and invited me into their affiliate program, I was OVER THE MOON!  I had met their reps several times over the past couple of years at different conferences and had read countless reviews from fellow influencers.  I was excited to learn about a company that addressed a real issue for larger figure individuals.  After getting my email and signing up for the delivery, I anxiously awaited my new bed!  The shipping was quick- I actually prolonged the process because I wanted it to come after I came back from a trip.  But, in less than 2 weeks, I was sleeping in my new, cozy bed. The company offers White Glove delivery, meaning they take care of EVERYTHING.  They ship it, bring it in, set it up, and haul off your old bed if you'd like.

Big Fig Review, The Low Country Socialite

Let's talk about the feel...

As I mentioned above, I've read a ton of reviews and everyone is RIGHT!  It truly is a comfortable bed!  It has cooling and breathable technology so no more sweaty nights.  Even with my fan on, my old bed made me sweat.  I also wake up feeling more refreshed than I did with my old mattress.  I spend a LOT of time on my bed.  It's something that I'd rather not admit but it's true.  I currently work from home, so I write in bed, read in bed, binge watch Netflix in bed, etc.  This mattress hasn't not shown any signs of sag.  I waited as long as I could to write this review because I wanted to give it a fair amount of time.  I feels so good to lay on a mattress that is so soft and comfy but still feels strong an durable.  I think my favorite thing about the mattress is that it has supportive edges.  If you sit on the edge of the bed a lot, as a heavy person, eventually it will sag and look weird over time.  You also seep down into the edge on a traditional mattress but not on a Big Fig.  It retains its shape even at the edges. 
Big Fig Review, The Low Country Socialite, beds for plus size people

Big Fig Review, The Low Country Socialite, beds for plus size people

Pros & Cons...

Here are some of the pros: 
Cooling Technology – thermo-gel that offers a cooling sensation to the touch.
Strong Mattress, Strong box spring, and Strong frame- it's a complete system, not just the mattress.
No Sag - high density foam supports up to 1000 pounds!
101 Night Trial - try it in your home and feel the difference for yourself.
20 Year Warranty - lasts a hell of a lot longer than traditional mattresses even when they're used by smaller users.

And the cons...
Only available online:  for not it's only available for purchase online so there isn't really a showroom that you can go into to try it out.  However, Big Fig is a sponsor at TONS of events, so trying it out before you purchase is a fairly easy task.  It’s also pretty cool that they are a strong supporter of the plus size community!
Not cheap:  it's an investment but what quality piece of furniture isn't?  The good thing is that Big Fig has finance options, frequent sales and a 101 Night Trial.
Big Fig Review, The Low Country Socialite, beds for plus size people
Big Fig Review, The Low Country Socialite, beds for plus size people

In all, I really do love this bed.  Now, my biggest problem is keeping Lola (my pup) off of it.  She seriously enjoys it almost as much as I do.  lol   I'm so glad that manufacturers are creating products that are more inclusive for customers.  I want to offer a special blessing to those that realize that we do not live in a "one size fits all" world and makes products to reflect that truth.


Want to give Big Fig a try?
Use my code:  "TLCSOCIALITE" at checkout and save $100 on your very own Big Fig Mattress at checkout!    

Until Next Time... 

How I Finally Got My Dream Bed With Big Fig Mattresses post

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Some things in life can be used both for functional and aesthetic purposes. For example, people don’t
just get braces to help straighten teeth and avoid dental health issues, they get them to improve their
smiles - in fact, from 1994 to 2010, the number of adults getting braces, has increased by 58%.

In a similar trend, botox is being used more and more these days, with more focus on its functional purpose,
instead of what if could do to beauty.

Although it has a reputation for being a miracle worker on facial wrinkles, the power of Botox
is not merely limited to cosmetic enhancing procedures. In addition to its magical properties
in making a person look more youthful, this powerful injectable can do so much more than
just relax wrinkles. Here are four ways that Botox can be used for more than beauty…

4 Ways Botox is for More Than Just Beauty - Pexels

Reduce Excessive Sweating
Similar to how Botox can be used to help manage migraines, the injectable can also be
used to relax the muscles that contribute to excessive sweating. By preventing the message
that signals the body to sweat,
Botox can reduce both perspiration and excessive wetness
in a number of susceptible areas on the body. The most common place to use Botox for this
purpose is in the armpits.

Treatment of Migraines

Through research and trial and error, Botox has been found to help manage migraines. Many
health professionals believe that
Botox works in the treatment of debilitating migraines by
blocking the pain signals sent to the brain while inhibiting sensory pathways. The muscles
in the head are then subsequently more relaxed and not as likely to feel the immense pain
that comes along with migraines. In addition to helping migraine sufferers, some doctors
believe that Botox can also be an effective way to treat painful cluster headaches.

Manage Acne

Because Botox treatments can lead to the suppression of oil production, breakouts can be
reduced through its consistent usage. The most effective location on the face to use
as a means of managing acne is on the forehead. By injecting too much at one time, you will
run the risk of frozen muscles.

Eliminate Eye Twitching

One of the first uses of Botox was for the treatment of uncomfortable eye twitches. By
injecting the toxin into the hyperactive muscles around the eye, twitching can be reduced
or even eliminated in some cases. The effects of
Botox as a treatment for eye twitching
usually lasts approximately three to six months. So while this is not a permanent solution,
it can still provide immense relief to those suffering from this condition when used regularly.

Although it is likely that Botox's primary use will always be to help with the appearance of fine
lines and wrinkles, its numerous additional uses are becoming more widely used, assisting
sufferers to control a variety of ailments.

If you’re looking for some more great beauty products suggestions, we highly recommend these five products here.
Have you considered botox?  Tell me about it in the comments.

Until Next Time...

4 Ways Botox is for More Than Just Beauty
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