14 January 2018

Using a Menstrual Cup as a Plus Size Person

menstrual cups, alternatives to pads and tampons for plus size women

Ok I just jumped onto the menstrual cup train! I have to tell you about this amazingness!  You all know I am a plus size gal- and if you are anything like me, tampons and pads are majorly uncomfortable.  Also, being plus sized seems to make my periods harder, heavier and sometimes unpredictable!
Well that was the case this month!  I was a full week early- thanks Mama Nature *side eye*….  But seriously here I am, already annoyed that the Red Queen is a week early but now I have a 15-year-old daughter who has totally EMPTIED my stash- no tampons at all and only 5 pads… about a days’ worth (TMI I know, but it matters… lol). So here I am bouncing online to find a solution- I have no vehicle at the moment and the closest place to get supplies are ridiculously expensive- not to mention I’m bleeding like a stuck pig!  My body is saying long nap, NOT long walk…
Enter Amazon… I click and read the reviews of menstrual cups- because yes, I’d rather purchase an untried (by me!) product than walk a mile for pads- yes, I am THAT lazy lol!!   Hello, Amazon has one day delivery!

menstrual cups, alternatives to pads and tampons for plus size women

I went online and after scoping my choices, I chose a plain pink silicone cup. It was just under sixteen dollars, shipping included and got here in one day.  I was still skeptical (also still too lazy to walk to the store) so I pulled it out of the box and checked it out.   This thing is small.  It’s flexible and (bonus) there are two sizes in the box- a small and a large (so if one wasn’t comfortable I could try the other size.  #winning

menstrual cups, alternatives to pads and tampons for plus size women

So here goes, right?   I’m plus sized- I immediately assumed that it would be awkward to place or maybe even to get out but no, it was pretty simple. The cup was really soft and I was easily able to fold it into place and was assured it would prevent leaks as well as catching what my body was going to throw at it.
I worried that it would be uncomfortable or that it would move up too far *cue the long scary daydream of having to go to the emergency room and have some scary laughing nurse retrieve this thing* but, nope!  The small pill tab was right where it was supposed to be, the cup worked like, well, like magic!  I emptied, rinsed, and replaced in less than three minutes!  While running errands that day, as well as when sitting for tv time- wiggling all over (something I was always scared of as a plus size gal when wearing a pad (ever had it move wrong and bleed all over anyway?!?)  No issues!  I was also afraid that it would feel weird and noticeable- it totally wasn’t!  I slept in it and not one single complaint!
It was easy to take care of and I have just saved myself who knows how much money!  At about $16, I WON’T be purchasing tampons or pads for myself anymore  Complete game changer ladies!  I’ll leave some links to it below!

Have you ever tried anything other than pads & tampons?  Let me know in the comments!

Until Next Time...

menstrual cups, alternatives to pads and tampons for plus size women


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  1. Oh, man! Honestly, I've always been skeptical. Shame on me for not giving them a try. I might at some point. Glad it worked for you.

    1. Yes, Theresa is a complete believer now. Thanks for stopping by!



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