25 January 2019

Taking Care Of Yourself During Winter

In all honesty, you should be taking care of your health throughout the entire year!  But there’s no denying that winter is probably the season where most people end up the most health issues for several different reasons. Usually, you can trace it back to the weather. When it gets very cold, then there are more chances of diseases spreading and accidents happening.

To make matters worse, it feels like winter drags on forever these days!  Down here in Georgia, the weather flip flops so much that this season is usually my sickest time.  Coats in the morning and flip-flops in the afternoon is just ridiculous!  LOL You’ll be lucky if the weather takes a stable turn and stays cold at least until March. Make sure to look after yourself during this time.  Here’s how:

The Low Country Socialite, Plus Size Blogger, Taking Care of Yourself During Winter

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Wear Appropriate Clothing

This doesn’t just mean wrapping up warm and putting on plenty of layers when you go outside, it also means you wear the right footwear for the icy weather. Slipping on icy walkways and falling over is one of the main ways people hurt themselves during winter. With Aitken Aitken Cohn, you could claim sizeable settlements for personal injuries if you slip and fall on someone else’s premises but, a settlement won’t help you when hurting yourself and being out of action for a few weeks. In reality, it makes more sense to wear shoes with plenty of grip, so you don’t injure yourself on the ice in the first place!

Carry Antibacterial Gel With You

Germs spread outrageously fast during winter, partly because the coldness makes everyone’s noses run, which they then wipe on themselves and touch other things, etc. So, the best thing to do is carry around some antibacterial gel with you wherever you go.  I ALWAYS keep some in my purse YEAR ‘ROUND. This will essentially kill any germs, by keeping yourself nice and clean.  Rub it into your hands every now and then - especially before you eat - and you’ll stop germs from spreading. It’s the equivalent of washing your hands, but you get the benefit of not needing a sink and soap nearby.  Especially if you have kids, then make sure they use it as well because they touch all kinds of germ-infested things!
The Low Country Socialite, Plus Size Blogger, Taking Care of Yourself During Winter

Prevent Dry Air In The Home

One of the bad things about winter is that it makes the air really dry. This basically means that there’s almost no moisture in it, and it can cause various health issues. It dries out your sinuses, which means you don’t get the protection of naturally occurring mucus to flush out any cold germs. As a result, you have to try and prevent dry air in the home, which can usually be done by keeping it warm and slightly humid. You don’t want to go overboard with the humidity, but a small humidifier at a low setting will help add moisture into the air.  We picked one up on Amazon last year because also running our fireplace was drying out the air in our home.

The Low Country Socialite, Plus Size Blogger, Taking Care of Yourself During Winter

Seasonal Depression

Ever head of the “winter blues”?  It’s a real thing.  Moods can sometimes shift from season to season.  Symptoms can start in the fall and continue into the winter months, zapping your energy and making you very moody.  Don't brush off these feelings as s simple a case of the "blues" or a seasonal funk that you can shake off on your own. Take steps to keep your mood steady throughout this season.

It’s vital that you take care of your health as it can help keep you on the right track. If you experience any health issues - either through sickness, mood shifts or physical injuries - then it messes up your schedule. Many of you are keen to get fit this year, and being ill or hurt during January/February can set you back and make you feel less than motivated. So, look after yourself, and you’ll stay on the path to a better you!

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