15 February 2019

5 Self-Care Tips for Improving Self-Acceptance

Self-acceptance is one of the most precious gifts that you can have. You can’t be of any real help without it. You likely won’t thrive without it. Most importantly, your very existence is miserable without it.

Keep Promises to Yourself

Think about a time that someone has broken a promise to you. What feelings does that bring up? What about promises that you’ve made to yourself?

It may be very tempting to give yourself a lot of breaks. However, when you give into letting yourself off the hook every time, you’re basically enabling yourself. It becomes habitual very fast, too. It may feel like you’ve liberated yourself in the moment. In the long run, however, it often just makes you feel shortchanged and resentful of yourself. How can you really expect to be able to give everyone else your best when you’re unhappy with yourself? 

Limit Your Exposure to Toxic Relationships

According to Hack Spirit, toxic relationships aren’t just abusive relationships. Most people are subtler than that. For example, think of your friend or relative who incessantly gossips, belittles, plays victim, or complains. 

A complete use or a non-acceptance of who you are usually indicates that it’s best to let such a person go completely. The ones using or abusing you are often very unhappy people who cope by controlling or hurting others. Neither you nor anyone else deserves that.

The key is to notice how you feel around everyone you meet. Is it negative or draining in any way? Is it inspired and spirited? The answers will help you to tell who has real friend potential and who should be avoided. Be honest with yourself, and come up with a plan to live your life with the toxic ones either pushed to the background or out of your life completely.

Overcome Bad Habits

According to The Recovery Village, finding ways to hold yourself accountable to your resolution can dramatically increase the odds of success. As embarrassing or vulnerable as it may make you feel, don’t shy away from talking to your family and friends about your resolutions.

If you have a habit, such as gossip or anger or addiction, please do your best to overcome these. It is impossible to truly be helpful to anyone else if your first reflex is to talk about people behind their backs, to lose your temper, or to start drinking or doing drugs. In the end, all you do is create a lot of unnecessary discord and imbalance in your life. If this is often the case with you, you will need to do everything that you can to restore the balance in your life. 

Discover Positive Stress Management Strategies

If nothing else, one of the best things you can do for yourself is to come up with healthy means to alleviate your stress, such as coloring, turning up your music loud, taking a salt bath, etc.

Success.com advises that if there’s a situation that you absolutely can’t avoid, what you can do is use “I” statements about how you feel with a willingness to compromise.
Treat Yourself Like a Friend

Since you’re the company you’re going to have all your life, what good does it do if you don’t treat yourself like a friend? You end up feeling tired on a constant basis or even like you’re a curse. On the other hand, if you do the opposite and are kind to yourself, you’ll thrive like you never thought possible. 

Remember, just because you love to help others does not mean that you should be used by others. If you feel like others can demand everything of you, acknowledge that the belief is not true and very unhealthy. Remember, you’re the company you’re going to have all your life, and you only live so long. You should make the best that you can of your life.

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