07 March 2019

3 Beauty Treatments Meant to Make You Feel Good About Yourself

Everyone goes through phases when their confidence ebbs, and they just don’t feel great about themselves. If that’s you, then you know how defeating low confidence can be. Finding your confidence again can help improve your quality of life. To help you get out of this funk, these three beauty treatments can help you feel great about yourself once again.


Microchanneling is a beauty treatment that revitalizes your skin and confidence. It works by creating tiny channels in your skin with the help of fine needles. These channels prompt the body to begin the healing process, and your skin will begin producing new collagen and elastin. The channels also allow other healing elements, such as hyaluronic acid, to penetrate deep into your skin. After the treatment, your glowing skin will have you feeling a hundred times better.

Teeth Straightening

Long gone are the days when the only way to straighten your teeth were with painful braces and endless trips to the orthodontist. There are ways to straighten your teeth at home without feeling self-conscious about having a mouth full of metal. Several companies now offer what are called invisible braces. Made of hard plastic, these braces can be worn during the day and at night without anyone knowing you have braces in. And because you take them out to eat, you won’t have to avoid any of your favorite foods. These invisible braces only require you to make a mold of your teeth, and then the company will send you your individualized braces.

PRP Therapy

Another great way to give yourself a confidence boost is by rejuvenating your skin through PRP therapy. This all-natural treatment uses the healing ability of your blood to help address various skin care issues. For one, PRP therapy can reduce many of the signs of aging, including fine lines and wrinkles as we all age spots. PRP therapy can also improve the tone and texture of your skin, leaving it smoother and tighter.

PRP therapy only entails a routine blood draw and painless injections. This is why it’s also sometimes called a “vampire facial” or “vampire facelift”. For the procedure, your platelet-rich plasma, which is full of white blood cells and growth factors, will be used to create an injectable serum. PRP therapy comes with no ill side effects and no downtime. And the best thing about PRP therapy is that it will make you feel better about yourself because you will look years younger.

If you’re feeling down and just need a little something to turn your outlook about yourself around, these three beauty treatments can make you love the person staring back at you in the mirror.

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