17 April 2019 Hinesville, GA, USA

Health and Wellness Trends for 2019

People are becoming more aware of taking care of themselves to promote both physical and mental well being. The last year has seen some consumers and watchdog groups fighting back against false claims and exaggerations, as they do not help anyone with their quest to become fit and healthy. This has involved some high-profile names such as Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop that settled a lawsuit over the claims of its products, Jameela Jamil taking on influencers in the diet-shake  industry and Facebook removed dozens of pages in a crackdown on pseudoscience.
Health and Wellness Trends for 2019, The Low Country Socialite, Plus Size Blogger, Savannah Georgia, Hinesville Georgia, Kirsten Jackson

Despite much controversy surrounding it, the health and fitness industry has boomed as new innovations with more practical and affordable solutions have become available to all.
Changing Primary Healthcare
On average, a visit to a physician lasts a few minutes and finishes with a prescription for medication. There are now companies that are bucking this trend and providing cover for much longer visits in the hope that the doctors will get to the root of a problem rather than just treating the symptoms.
Approximately 70 of diseases in the US are because of lifestyle with more than half of the population suffering from chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, asthma, or cancer. Parsley Health and Oak Street are just a few of the many companies trying to foster a better doctor and patient relationship where the underlying reasons for a health problem are found.
They also want to encourage people to change some of their bad habits to improve their health, the idea behind this being that prevention is better than cure. A typical example is the products produced by Daniel Fung of Watertown CT. They can be useful for people who want to beat the smoking habit and more and more people are being led towards them in a bid to improve their health.
Sleeping Aids
It is said that sleeping problems have become of epidemic proportions in the US with more than a third of Americans not getting enough sleep on a regular basis. This has a detrimental effect on both their physical and mental health, and there are several new innovations to try and combat the problem.
For the last few years, there have been sleeping aids appearing on the market, including sleep trackers and smart pillows. Now there is even a sleep robot to help insomniacs and a sleep couch, but perhaps one of the most novel ideas is a line of ice cream made by Nightfood. This ice cream is said to complement the human sleeping cycle and eaten before you retire will help to promote a good night’s sleep.
Using Telehealth  
As with many things that are newly introduced, at the moment there are patients who are unsure if they will want to use this service. The idea is that you can have a meeting with your doctor remotely by video conference and this can be great if you are feeling too ill to leave your bed, or for elderly patients who are housebound.
The time the doctor saves means that they will be able to deal with more patients, and spend a little longer with each one. It might take some getting used to, but virtual doctors appointments are here to stay.
Of course, there are many other new innovations in the health and fitness industry, but there are far too many far to be mentioned here. Just check some of them out online and you may be surprised how simple they can make it for you to become fitter and healthier. 

Which one of these are you interested in trying?
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Health and Wellness Trends for 2019, The Low Country Socialite, Plus Size Blogger, Savannah Georgia, Hinesville Georgia, Kirsten Jackson

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