13 May 2019 Savannah, GA, USA

5 Southern Traditions That Aren’t Going Anywhere

*This post has sponsored content by East Point Foundry. I received compensation for my review, but all opinions are my own. You all know that I love our amazing Southern traditions here in the South!  Unfortunately, some of these traditions are going away over time but by practicing every day, we can make sure that we keep them around. Here are five Southern traditions that should continue for years to come:

5 Southern Traditions That Need To Continue, The Low Country Socialite, Plus Size Blogger, Savannah Georgia, Lafayette Square,  Hinesville Georgia, Kirsten Jackson

Pulling Over For Funeral Processions
Over the years, I have begun to see less people who actually pull over and stop for a funeral procession, but if you have ever driven in a procession before, you know how important it is when you see someone stopping out of respect for your loved one. Every time I see a funeral, I just think about how I would feel if I was headed to that funeral to bury a loved one of mine, and I pull over. This is something that was popular all over the country for the longest time, but I’ve been told that it is not just happening in the South (and even in the South, it is becoming less common). We need to make sure this Southern tradition continues by pulling over each and every time we see a funeral procession. I know that it can seem very frustrating if you are in a rush, but please be respectful because your day could be much worse compared to having to stop for 3-5 minutes, at most.

Welcoming New Neighbors
I absolutely love this Southern tradition because neighbors and community is so very important. Once again, this is a tradition that used to be very popular and it is unfortunately slowly fading out. Emily Post, the etiquette guru says, “In today’s highly mobile society, it’s not so unusual for people to move into a neighborhood almost without being noticed. Even so, being hospitable to newcomers is a time-honored American tradition. A welcome-to-the-neighborhood gift will brighten the newcomer’s day and ease the hassle of settling in but even just a simple stop-by to say a quick “hello” is pretty good too.

Offers of assistance require sensitivity to a new neighbor’s actual needs. In most cases, you’re a stranger to your new neighbors, and some may not feel comfortable accepting your well-intentioned offer to help. If you make an offer, say when you’ll be available and what you can do. Let new neighbors know you’re happy to answer questions and give directions. Information about schools, places of worship, town services, restaurants, grocery stores, good places to shop, and reliable service providers is always useful.”
5 Southern Traditions That Need To Continue, The Low Country Socialite, Plus Size Blogger, Savannah Georgia, Lafayette Square,  Hinesville Georgia, Kirsten Jackson
Commemorating Important People + Institutions
In the South, we love commemorating important people and institutions- especially in my local area where there is a lot of African-American/Geechie culture and significant leaders.  Local Atlanta-based company, East Point Foundry, is helping with that. They say, “From Ancient Philosophers to spanning empires, Bronze has been a staple in history to honor and memorialize the living and dead alike, who have sacrificed for a great purpose and cause. Whether exemplary service in mankind, or a commitment to excellence, East Point Foundry takes this cause very seriously, which is why we hand-craft every Bronze Plaque, start to finish right in our 100% American made Foundry located in Atlanta, Georgia since 1948.” East Point Foundry cuts out the middleman since it is one of the few foundry’s still remaining to this day. This means that you will get a lower cost, but a higher quality product.

If you want to celebrate an important person or place, I highly recommend checking out the bronze or aluminum plaques that East Point Foundry has to offer. Each plaque is 100% unique and will be approved by you. You’re able to change the borders, textures, size, art + layout, and more. East Point Foundry not only creates plaques, but they also create nameplates, signage (lettering) for businesses, castings, sculptures, and more.

Hospitality For House Guests
As you can tell by now, a lot of our Southern traditions have to do with celebrating, honoring, and providing hospitality for the people around us and I just love that about the South! One of my favorite ways to show my Southern roots is by providing hospitality for my house guests that visit me. There are so many easy things to do for your house guests to welcome them into your home. Some of my favorite easy things to do are making sure the fridge and pantry is stocked with essentials (bonus points if you know what they like to eat + drink), keeping extra toiletries such as shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, toothbrushes, etc. in the guest bathroom, just in case they forgot anything, providing bottles of water in their guest room just in case they get thirsty in the middle of the night, and making sure they know where everything is in the house and how to change the temperature of the home, etc.

Celebrating Freedom
I am not saying that this is just a Southern tradition because I know that people living in the North love celebrating their freedom, as well, but we go big in the South! 4th of July parties and parades are huge and everyone comes out, repping their red, white, and blue. America has a lot of work to do when it comes to freedoms for all individuals but we are still quite fortunate enough to live in here and a little celebration is always nice.

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What are some of your favorite traditions where you live?
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5 Southern Traditions That Need To Continue, The Low Country Socialite, Plus Size Blogger, Savannah Georgia, Lafayette Square,  Hinesville Georgia, Kirsten Jackson

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