24 September 2019 Savannah, GA, USA

Proactive Wellness Tips That Really Work

Some of us regularly toe the line between self care and self destruct, and it’s easier to do than you might think. For example, putting your feet up and giving yourself time to rest and recharge is always a good idea but at what point does staying in bed all day, eating chocolate and watching Netflix stop being good for you?! Self care can sometimes be sitting around and not doing much, after all- life is busy and chaotic and at times we just need to rest and recharge. But other times, we need to be proactive and actually get out there and enjoy life to really feel as though we’re living it. Here are some ideas for going about it. 

Proactive Wellness Tips That Really Work, The Low Country Socialite, Plus Size Blogger, Savannah Georgia, Hinesville Georgia, Kirsten Jackson

Travel is one of the best ways to take a break from daily life, new experiences are really fulfilling and it can help you to reconnect with who you are as a person- away from your job, away from your screen and away from your normal responsibilities. You could explore incredible destinations from the impressive Galapagos to ancient Peru to the Great Coral Reef of Australia- you could go backpacking in Asia or boating in Florida. If you have a travel bucket list then take a look over it, figure out if you’re able to afford to go to one of the places you’ve always dreamed of then get it booked. 

Declutter your home
Your surroundings have a huge influence on your mood, and a messy and cluttered home will be affecting your state of mind without you even realising. Even if you’re not especially house proud, it’s worth cleaning up your home and making it a tidy, organized and pleasant place to be. Get rid of things that you no longer need or use, donate them or throw them away. Find practical storage solutions for the things you have left. Instead of rushing around like a headless chicken looking for the things you need in the morning, everything will be exactly where it should be. It can give you an element of control and organisation over your life. 

Spend time with loved ones
A problem shared really is a problem halved, if you’re feeling down or low then chatting with someone who cares about you can be incredibly helpful. They can shed new light onto a situation, help you to see things in a new way. A great friend can be as good as a therapist at times when it comes to picking you back up again. Schedule a meet up with your bestie and spend some quality time together, have a laugh and you’ll leave feeling so much better. 

Take up a new hobby
Finally, stress and anxiety can take up a lot of head space. If you find yourself worrying often, something as simple as distracting yourself with something else can be really helpful. In many cases, the thing we’re worrying about never materialises, and so it’s much better to take your mind off things and forget about them than sit around dwelling.
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Proactive Wellness Tips That Really Work, The Low Country Socialite, Plus Size Blogger, Savannah Georgia, Hinesville Georgia, Kirsten Jackson

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